The town gazebo is located in the same parking lot as the town post office. Bethel Citizen photo by Samuel Wheeler

WOODSTOCK — Eight people from the Harbor Road were present at a July 21 select board meeting, primarily to express their concerns about ATV traffic on the road. Residents complained about the noise, along with the fact that people were driving too fast and acting reckless, as well.

A lot of the noise from the ATVs has been occurring at night.

Residents plan to submit a petition asking for hours of usage on the trail to be set.

Town Manager Vern Maxfield said the ATV club would be contacted and added that the club would not want to lose permission from town selectmen to continue using the trail.

The club will notified of the issue after the petition by homeowners is brought to the select board.

Two more residents were present at the meeting, with interest in opening a medical marijuana facility in town. Woodstock voters approved the opt-in question on July 14. The town is in beginning stages of developing guidelines for this process, according to the minutes.

The minutes also stated that “selectmen voted to temporarily close a portion of Felt Road, which ends at the only residence on the section to be closed to traffic at the request of the only abutting land owner.”

Maxfield said the gazebo on the town common needs to be re-stained and that he would find someone to do the re-staining job.

Request for bids for the winter maintenance of Concord Pond Road will go out shortly, according to the minutes. The contract will be for one-year, so that next year the Concord Pond Road and Redding Road contracts can be put out at the same time, now that the Granite Ledge Road, that connects the two roads, can be plowed since the reconstruction of the sharp turn on Granite Ledge Road.

Fire Chief Kyle Hopps reported that the Fire Departments Ladder truck needs maintenance on the functioning of the ladder. It appears the work can be done for approximately $5,000. Hopps reported that there is money in the Fire Department budget to have the work completed. Selectmen were on board with the Chief’s request to have the work completed.

Maxfield said that Calderwood Engineering is still working on a project cost for replacing a 14-foot diameter culvert on Old County Road. Maxfield said the work will not be finished this year.

The Town of Woodstock received a dividend check from our Worker’s Comp Insurance carrier in the amount of $1,557.

This past week, the town began work on the 2020 Tax Commitment, with John O’Donnell of O’Donnell and Associates.

“Swimming lessons will be available at the beach at the head of Lake Christopher, sponsored by the Town of West Paris, this year. This will be covered with insurance held by the Town of West Paris,” according to the minutes.


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