When the New Year rang in, many people had high hopes for 2020. Now, eight months later, many find their hopes looking a little different from what they had anticipated.

I hope for wisdom and discretion, for truth and transparency from those who set the course for this beautiful state. I hope for savvy minds and steady hands that can come alongside the Maine people and help guide them through times of crisis without adding to the chaos, confusion and depression.

Unfortunately, these hopes have been deferred by the Maine Legislature.

That is why I implore the people of Maine to vote for and support Laurel Libby for state representative. She is honest, tirelessly hard working, trustworthy beyond reproach, savvy and calm in times of crisis.

Maine needs to continue to be a place of hope; Laurel Libby understands that and knows how to make hope a reality.

Kristin Elie, Minot

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