Hydro-Quebec is a Crown Corporation owned exclusively by the Province of Quebec. Hydro-Quebec stands to make $12.4 billion in profits off of the proposed CMP corridor project by rerouting power they already sell to the Northeast on existing power lines, and charging Massachusetts more for it. Hydro-Quebec will return much of its profit from this project to the government, directly benefiting Canadian residents while Mainers see only pennies.

It’s a terrible deal for Maine, and Hydro-Quebec knows it. That’s why it has funneled an astounding $6 million into a campaign to influence Maine voters through a loophole in our campaign finance laws (in addition to the $10 million CMP has spent).

Hydro-Quebec needs to stop meddling in our election and, as Tom Saviello said, “Mind their own fricking business!”

We must send a message to Quebec by voting “yes” this November.

Linda Flagg, Jay

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