DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Sumner Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary will have an outside Garage and Bake Goods Sale on Saturday, Sept. 12, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Universalist Church off Route 219 in West Sumner. Rain date is Sept. 17.

Raffle tickets will be available to purchase baskets. Social distancing and face coverings are strongly encouraged for all. We will wear ours for you and you all wear yours for us! —  Charlotte, Auburn

ANSWER: Sun Spots is a great place to let readers know about your fundraisers, including if you need crafters to rent tables, need volunteers, or donations of any kind.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am hoping you will be able to help me find my lost earring. It is a gold Claddagh earring about an inch. I lost it in one of two places; either the post office by the Hilton Garden Inn Auburn or at Shaw’s on Center Street in Auburn.  If someone has found it, please contact me at 240-0056.

Thank you for your help. — Sheri, no town

ANSWER: I so hope this is found! Sheri, be sure to let us know.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Recently, I was talking to my sister who lives out West. She was struggling with mending her favorite chenille housecoat that is almost paper thin! I told her we lived in Bates Mill country where such fabric was produced for many years and that I would ask people here if they could help.

That, of course, leads to this letter to Sun Spots, the best place to reach helpful people. Would anyone have a chenille bathrobe, or a Bates bedspread that could be made into a robe? I would be happy to pay a reasonable price and pick it up or pay for mailing costs. Please contact me at 897-3171. — Martina, Jay

ANSWER: I love this letter and I can’t wait to see what happens with this request. I have found both old-fashioned chenille robes and bedspreads at Goodwill and area thrift stores over the years and they are just the coziest!

Another resource is The Vermont Country Store, but a new item would be more expensive. The customer service number there is 1 (888) 298-8162 in case you decide to splurge. Another online store that sells vintage chenille robes is The robes are gorgeous but alas, very expensive. I’m hoping our readers can assist Martina in finding what she’s looking for and keep the transaction thrifty.

Readers, if you can part with any of these items or know where to find them locally, please write in.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding episodes of “Yellowstone” in the Sept. 1 Sun Spots, they can be seen on YouTube, and also by doing a Google search. — Fred, no town

ANSWER: I have often watched TV programs in this manner myself. However, I do want to acknowledge that some of our Sun Spots readers don’t have a computer or the internet, so if anyone watching “Yellowstone” on a station, whether it is through cable or DISH, please write in.

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