I am not a sucker. I served with the 3rd Brigade of the 25th Infantry Division in the central highlands of Vietnam. I was a civilian soldier (1st lieutenant), but all of the officers above me and the enlisted men who saluted me were career soldiers. I remember them as fine men, brave, intelligent and committed to serving the nation.

We have heard from Donald Trump himself about his low opinion of the intelligence of armed forces members and of “losers” who were taken prisoner. Trump is cynical about service and justifies his avoidance of the draft, claiming foot problems. For President “Bone Spurs,” service above self is an alien idea and nothing is worth doing unless there is a personal payoff.

My son recently retired from the USMC, after 22 years of service, including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I deplore that Donald Trump’s signature is on his retirement citation.

Christos Gianopoulos, Greene

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