Jessica Fay does an admirable job representing parts of Poland, Casco and Raymond. The district is well served by her membership on both the Inland Fisheries and the Environmental and Natural Resources committees. Listening to all of her constituents is a strength; she is not an ideologue as so many are these days.

She has made an effort to be available to all of her constituents, meeting them where they are. I have seen her sharing updates at selectboard meetings, at the library holding “office hours,” talking with folks at the grocery store and even paddling her kayak around House District 66.

Fay always takes the time to listen to constituents and try to understand their perspective. Where there is a problem, she works to solve it, and where there is a need she is there to try to connect people with services.

I will be voting for Jessica Fay.

Jane Pentheny, Poland

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