A law-and-order president? Really? After encouraging people to disobey their governors’ public health directives, Trump is now telling his supporters to test the voting system by voting twice — a felony. You read that right — the president of the United States is encouraging people to commit felonies. And, guess what — soliciting a felony is itself a crime.

So add that to his other lawbreaking — using taxpayer money to buy opposition research from Ukraine; violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution by not divesting from his previous business; and getting his subordinates to violate the Hatch Act by staging convention events at the White House. This is not speculation about what he might do in office; this is all stuff he has done in office.

Trump’s open contempt for the law violates his oath of office.

If Congress won’t remove him, the voters will have to do the job.

Jonathan Cohen, Farmington

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