Jared Golden has the values, courage and ability to meet challenges that Mainers want. He’s demonstrated his ability by stepping up to the plate to address some very controversial issues.

When past members of Congress had little success with election reform, he was not afraid to co-sponsor comprehensive election reform and anti-corruption legislation. He supported labor unions — another area not always popular in Congress. In addition, he has been praised for his bipartisan work. He wanted Congress to stay in Washington during the pandemic, like workers as doctors, nurses and numerous others did. When that did not occur, he supported the use of technology to allow Congress to continue to work and vote.

He has walked the walk, helped veterans and their widows, the U.S. Postal Service, lobstermen, loggers, ship builders and the environment.

He’s a man who will promote the welfare of Maine.

Sylvia Ingerson, Farmington

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