DEAR SUN SPOTS: On Friday, Sept. 11, we found a power tool on the side of Quaker Ridge Road in Greene. It looks like it may have fallen off a truck. If you lost something, please email [email protected] with a description of the power tool. — Beth, Greene

ANSWER: Thank you so much for writing in about this, Beth. Sun Spots has very good luck with this type of thing! Let us know what happens.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: To the person who attended a yard sale at 918 Canton Point Road in Dixfield on Friday, Sept. 11, and bought a mini food processor, you left a couple of essential parts behind. I believe this woman had a Shiba Inu dog. Please email me at [email protected] and we can make arrangements for you to get these missing parts. — Deb, Dixfield

ANSWER: Let’s hope the new owner of your mini food processor reads Sun Spots!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: A while ago, I read an article about a woman who had not received her unemployment checks for several months after being furloughed from work due to COVID-19. Finally, she found the answer by writing to her local councilman. She wrote to Sun Spots hoping others might be encouraged.

Being a mom in Auburn, when I read that, I immediately called my daughter who was furloughed as a teacher in Ohio. She, too, was so distressed about not receiving an unemployment check (approved by the state of Ohio) for many months and had contacted every number she could find on a daily and weekly basis.

After reading what the woman had to do here in Maine to receive her check, I told my daughter to do the same. I directed her to write a “real” letter to her local councilman and explain that she is a teacher in his area and hadn’t received pay for four months. I told her to include a description of all the hoops she had been through already. In short order, her check was in the mail and he called her two days later to confirm she had received it and that all was well!

I want to thank Sun Spots for printing the original note and I want to thank that woman who took the time to write to Sun Spots. My daughter now has a living wage in Ohio, thanks to a stranger without employment in Maine. This is a true success story! — Deb, Auburn

ANSWER: I believe this letter refers to a request for help sent to Sun Spots on June 24. Besides writing to your councilman and state representatives, I also added that if you use Facebook, there is a helpful group you can join called Maine Unemployment Insurance Assistance. Members can ask questions of other members with similar experiences on this page.

Another helpful Facebook page is Maine AFL-CIO. You can send private messages with questions or add them to the comments. This group is very helpful and prompt about getting back to those who need help with unemployment issues. You are not alone in this. I pray that everyone has received what is due them. I know it’s been a struggle.

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