100 Years Ago: 1920

One of the most remarkable newspapers was brought to the Sun office recently. It belongs to E. Eugene Keller, Main Street. It is a small sheet of four pages: “The Ulster County Gazette published at Kingstown, Ulster County, New York state, by Samual Freer and Son, under the date of Saturday, January 4, 1800. It contains the news of the death and entombment of General George Washington. The Inside pages are margined and lined heavily in black. Instead of putting the latest news first, as modern newspapers do, the oldest news had precedence. The doings of the American Congress on Dec. 10, receive careful consideration. Napoleon Bonaparte was ravaging Europe. The English, Austrian and Russian troops had suffered severe reverses, The Dutch were entering the conflict and it was fifteen years to Waterloo.

50 Years Ago: 1970

Members of the Mt. Gile Teenage Ski Club of East Auburn will commence preparations for the upcoming ski season by holding a clean-up session at the Mt. Gile slopes this weekend. The teenagers will clean brush and small trees from the slope and engage in some painting details. The ski lodge has already received a coat of paint. At a recent meeting of the club, it was announced that night skiing is planned at the slopes this winter. Members plan to string the lights atop the trees and poles on the ski area.

25 Years Ago: 1995

The first meeting of the season for the WLU Garden Club will be held at the clubhouse on Thursday. Hostess Rachel Raven will serve strawberry ice cream sundaes at  1 p.m. Following a brief talk, Bonnie Lounsbury of the Androscoggin Land Trust will give the group a guided tour of the park and the foot bridge to Lewiston.

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