REGION — The October meeting of Maine Woodland Owners will be an on-site demonstration of making timber mats. Timber mats provide stability for heavy equipment used by utility, construction and logging industries and lessens the impact on any environmentally sensitive areas.

Oxford Timber specializes in timber mats, crane mats and bridge mats in both hardwood and hemlock used to construct temporary roads on muddy, swampy, unstable ground. They also produce specialty mats and bridges up to 8′ wide and up to 35′ long.

The meeting will be held on October 16, from 9-11, at Oxford Timber Co., located at 60 East Oxford Road, Oxford. The event is free and open to everyone. Signs will be posted. Safety protocols will be observed; masks and social distancing required. Pre-register by emailing [email protected], or by calling 207-743-8661. Contact Merle Ring at 207-743-5976 for more info.

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