DEAR SUN SPOTS: In regard to the question about the trains running through Auburn (Sept. 16 Sun Spots), the line is the Pan Am Railway, owned by the Mellon family (Mellon Bank) of Pittsburgh and is currently for sale.

Guilford Industries, owned by the Mellon’s, bought the Boston & Maine Railroad in 1981 and the Maine Central Railroad, which ran north of Portland in 1983, naming the lines Pan Am in 2006 after purchasing the Pan Am name earlier. For a short time, they operated an airline named Pan Am, offering service from Pease Air Force Base to Florida.

Pan Am runs from Mechanicville, New York, to Mattawamkeag with branch-lines into all northeast states. Locally they interchange with the St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad at Danville Junction. The SLR connects the Canadian National Railroad in Quebec and takes cars to and from Canada. It also serves local industries in Auburn as the three propane distributors and Savage Safe Handling.

The trains we see are mostly carrying either empty boxcars or loaded tank cars north to our paper mills. Southbound trains have boxcars loaded with paper and empty tank cars. Pan Am also interchanges with  other lines at Northern Maine Junction near Bangor, receiving the loaded lumber cars we see headed south. — Bob, no town

ANSWER: Thank you, Bob, for the professional and prompt response to our Sun Spots reader’s inquiry. It’s very interesting and you did a fabulous job. I rate your response five stars!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: If anyone can find this out, you can. What is going on with the post office at the corner of Ash and Park streets in Lewiston? Most of the windows have been boarded up. I sure hope it is for remodeling and not for closure! — No name, no town

ANSWER: Thank you for your faith in me and no need to worry. The post office is being beautified! The windows have been sent out to be accurately and historically restored in keeping with this important downtown building. The project has been planned for a couple years and finally started to happen in August. Please continue to support the United States Postal Service and look forward to the new windows being in place soon.

Thanks to Brian at the Lewiston Post Office for the help in answering this question.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am seeking a technician to replace old parts with new parts that I have for a Vision Suspension Elliptical. So far, it has been difficult to find somebody local. — Jesse, Minot

ANSWER: If there is someone in Sun Spots Land with this expertise, please step forward. Jesse, you may be able to get a recommendation from a nearby gym that has this equipment.

Another idea I always put forth is to watch a few YouTube videos and DIY. I’ve amazed myself with what I’ve been able to accomplish myself. If you don’t have the tools they are usually easy enough to rent.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: To finish the afghan I started and almost have done, I need one skein of Red Heart yarn, 4 ply # 386, Navy. This is the older color. I’ll pay and pick up in the Lewiston-Auburn area or pay for mailing. Please call 783-8684. I hope I get lucky.

ANSWER: I hope you do, too!

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