To the Editor:

When I saw Sawin Millett’s quarter-page ad in last week’s Advertiser Democrat, I laughed so hard I had to pull out my inhaler to prevent an asthma attack.

Here he is, a dyed in the wool ultra-conservative, a guy who has voted against every progressive bill that has ever come before him, but you’d never know it from the way he painted himself in his ad.

Here are the facts: the best score I could find for him from any progressive / liberal organization is the one he got from Maine Conservation Voters. They gave him a 29% for the 2019-2020 calendar year, but they gave him a 39% for his lifetime record. In other words, they see him as having voted with less regard for the environment the longer he has been a politician.

He scored a 0% from the League of Women Voters of Maine for this term.

He scored a 0% from The Maine People’s Alliance for this term.


He scored a 0% from Democracy Maine for this term.

Mr. Millett got his start in politics in 1962. I was 8 back then, and now I’m 66. That’s a long time. During his tenure, from everything I’ve heard about him, I do believe he has stuck to his beliefs, and I respect that. I thank him for his service.

But I also believe he has had his say for long enough. It’s time for him to move on. And since he does not see it that way, our only option is to vote for his opponent Ken Morse. After all, the things that Mr. Millett wrote in his ad actually do apply to Ken.

Jason Trask

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