Maine’s budget is in big trouble. We had a surplus two years ago; sadly today we’re $1 billion short due to overspending. To get out of this horrible predicament, the state Legislature needs to understand the difference between a want and a need.

This task will require common sense, creativity, a clear vision for the future, and a deep understanding of the ripple effect today’s decisions will have on our children. We can’t keep spending without regard for future generations.

A nurse, mother, and small business owner, Laurel Libby is running for state representative in District 64. She understands a budget and how to stick to it. Laurel’s gifts of common sense, rock-solid principles, and career of medical triage make her ideally suited to distinguish between a want and a need in Augusta.

We need Laurel Libby representing us.

I urge people to vote for Laurel Libby; we need our voices heard.

Deanna Nyberg, Auburn

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