President Trump grabs women inappropriately, calls them ugly names, and mocks them. He’s been accused of assault by many women and reportedly cheated on all three wives.

He promotes violence and thinks protesting should be forbidden. He dislikes John McCain and others in the military and never served (“bone spurs”). He also dislikes the disabled and despises nonwhite immigrants.

Trump tries to undo Obama’s achievements, such as environmental protections and the Affordable Care Act, which requires coverage for preexisting conditions.

He has appointed numerous unqualified, incompetent, and crooked people to high level jobs and some of them have been jailed.

His fraudulent foundation was shut down, and Michael Cohen says his tax returns may also prove to be fraudulent.

His lies and lack of planning made COVID-19 worse.

Trump opposes abortion to keep his fundamentalist Christian supporters happy, but how can any civilized person vote for such a totally immoral man?

Ellen Field, New Gloucester

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