Maine has been a wonderful state to raise a family in, especially due to the freedom to choose the best education for our children, whether that was public, private, or homeschooling.

More than ever, parents are evaluating which is best for their families, and many are choosing homeschooling. Yet for the first time in 32 years, the bi-partisan tradition of recognizing “Maine Homeschool Week” was rejected by our governor. Why break this tradition now?

This governor has a track record of reducing our liberties, not preserving them. Now is the time to elect representatives who will protect parental rights. Laurel Libby understands that no one knows what is best for children more than their own parents, and will fight to preserve our freedoms and keep Maine a great place to raise our families.

I urge voters in Minot and Auburn to vote for Laurel Libby for the Maine House of Representatives this November.

Julie Dodd, Minot

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