I feel, on balance, Susan Collins has done a good job.  Voters should go back and look at her reasoning for approving Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. I don’t remember him voting against women. I may be mistaken, but the court simply sent the issue back to the state.

Seniority is power in the Senate. A senator can’t present an issue to vote on; it has to go through a committee. The committees decide what gets voted on. They also package bills so that the Senate has to vote on the whole thing. If the bill contains items that benefit Maine and also items that are wasteful, she must decide if is more important to get things for us verses wastefulness. There are no line item choices.

Seniority gets the plum committee choices and allows a senator a say what goes into bills. Keeping Susan Collins in Congress is the best choice for Maine.

Patricia Bernard, Lewiston

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