My parents have lived on Central Avenue in Lewiston for 68 years. Recently, their political sign supporting President Trump and Vice President Pence was stolen from their front lawn. The sign wasn’t right next to the road. It was strategically placed near their walkway from their house to their mailbox, approximately 15 feet from the road. Someone trespassed onto their property and stole that sign.

Why would any American pick on a 91-year-old man and his 87-year-old wife and do this? In America, our Constitution allows us freedom of speech. We can express our views. However, the person responsible for this doesn’t follow constitutional laws.

Our Trump/Pence sign was also taken off our property in Sabattus on a major road a month ago. Why would someone do this? I’m not driving around Lewiston/Auburn removing Biden signs off lawns.

Well, here’s a warning – there are more Trump/Pence signs going back up on my parents’ lawn, and this time we’ll have a web cam in a tree.

Shame on the thieves.

Katherine Perron, Sabattus

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