Bettyann Sheats continues to proudly, effectively serve the people of this community. In her second term as the District 64 representative, Sheats proves every day that experience and ability to collaborate matter.  In the past two years, this fiscally responsible West Point graduate and Army helicopter pilot veteran, has helped add $37 million to the state’s Rainy Day Fund.

Last year she supported our state’s balanced bipartisan budget – which placed an additional $20 million in this fund. This effort will prove increasingly crucial in the uncertain economic times ahead. Bettyann Sheats continues to work to better the lives of veterans, all working Mainers and those navigating the state’s unemployment system.

She works tirelessly to enable our small business owners to stay safely open.

Bettyann Sheats listens and takes positive action. We need thoughtful, experienced representatives more than ever. I will vote to reelect Bettyann Sheats.

Peter Lasagna, Auburn

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