Why all the riots? Why the protests? Why are politicians continually lying? Why do candidates’ commercials always misrepresent their opponents? Why all the murder in major U.S. cities?

Why is there interest in illogical, socialist ideologies and scams of social justice? Why do some wish trashing law enforcement? Why is pornography and sexual perversion so rampant? Why is so much money wasted on professional sports? Why is so-called science often used politically? Why are most colleges teaching students to hate Christianity and distorting (if they teach it at all) U.S. history?

How did we reach the point where we had to choose, in our last presidential election, between an adulterer or an enabler to an adulterer and proven prevaricator? Why are many of our larger commercial enterprises so unprincipled and greedy, especially the media who continue to push, among others, the narratives of systemic racism and police brutality? Why do we let China, Nike and BLM corrupt the NRA and NFL?

There are many reasons including selfishness, pride, snap judgments, lack of wisdom, ignorance of history, etc. This subset, among other factors, fits within one overall condition of our nation and the world: the loss of the Judeo-Christian ethic. There is too little of Jesus Christ in the hearts and minds of the people.

We have been undone, and no other ethic can restore us. It has all been quite predictable, including the Democrats’ imminent corrupting of the 2020 presidential election, and subsequent planned chaos.

William Van Tassel, Turner

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