Social media accounts:

Prior, managerial assistant

Associate degree of science

Community Organizations:
Pineland Conversion Committee; Maine Wildlife Park Advocate; Gray Business Association; Crystal Lake Association; Gray-New Gloucester Optimist ambassador;
Gray Senior Housing Committee; St. Gregory’s Parish Council; Opportunity Farm Expansion Campaign; Gray-New Gloucester School Board; Gray Town Council

Personal information (hobbies, etc.):
My jaunt on the road every other day to work out and keep focused. Spending time with our dozen grands, supporting their education and sporting events. Writing and accomplishing creative projects around our home and cottage.

Family status:
Married to (Ernie)

Years in the Legislature: 2002-2010, 2014-2020

Committee assignments (if elected):
Business Research & Economic Development (ranking member); Labor Commerce Research & Economic Development; Innovation, Development,Economic Advancement & Business; Labor & Housing; Ethics; Engrossed Bills, (ranking member)


1) Are you satisfied with the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic? If yes, why? If not, what do you think should be done instead?
The Legislature should have been a partner in the decisions that have been made and continue to be addressed. Collectively there is a tremendous bank of experience that was not utilized for Maine.

2) As the state tries to balance its upcoming budget in light of the reduction in tax revenue because of the pandemic, how would you decrease expenses or increase revenues?
In light of the seriousness of our financial situation as forecasted over the next two years, it warrants a deeper dive to secure “necessities” being funded.

3) How does serving as a local politician in your respective party align to the larger goals of that party?
I have priorities in areas we have to consider, and when the party goals are moving in a similar direction we align to work for success.

4) What do you think is the most pressing matter that pertains to the next generation of Mainers who may be voting for the first time?
Be involved developing and applying critical thinking to the issues after a robust examination of facts. Thoroughly consider any life decisions that create and take on debt.

5) Are you frustrated by the political sniping, exaggeration and even lies between the parties and their supporters that have threatened progress usually reached through respect and reasoned compromise? If so, what will you personally do to make the situation better?
Everyday I maintain good relationships with my colleagues and our staffs. I work to add and not detract from the issues that have diverse opinions surrounding them.

6) If you are elected, is there anything in particular that you hope to accomplish? And briefly, why?
Submitting laws are an integral part of our work, but what I feel best about is giving a level of thorough attention to my constituents’ challenges.

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