THUMBS UP to Deb and Jerry Zeigler for a long and healthy retirement as they move on from their wonderful restaurant Moosely Bagels.

THUMBS UP to the Sinnett family for bringing a wonderful spotlight to our area. Many of us appreciate their business acumen and their  hard work for so many organizations and the area in general.

THUMBS UP, way up, for the anonymous donor who is making it possible for all of our Rangeley children to ski at Saddleback for the next five years. What a most generous and thoughtful person is he/she! Thanks sincerely from all of us who care about Saddleback and our local children.

THUMBS UP to Deb and Jerry at Moosely Bagels. It is truly a great experience to have breakfast there. The best food in Rangeley. Good luck in your new adventures!

THUMBS UP and DOWN: Rangeley needs more healthcare. More people want to come and stay in the area but need to know there is the safety of a healthcare system. A walk-in clinic, weekends too, must be offered for Rangley’s safety and well-being. Please provide more healthcare.

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