While Susan G. Komen Three-Day 60 mile walks have been canceled this year, Kelly’s Angels will be walking for breast cancer locally this weekend. Team members are seen wearing wings worn to recognize those with breast cancer during a previous walk. Submitted photo

LIVERMORE — Tina Rioux, of Livermore, formed Kelly’s Angels in 2011 and isn’t letting the coronavirus pandemic prevent her from completing her 10th breast cancer walk. Her team will be walking for breast cancer, along the Whistle Stop Trail between Farmington and Livermore Falls the mornings of Oct. 9-11.

“This would have been my 10th year doing the Susan G. Komen, but it got canceled due to COVID-19,” she said in a phone interview last week. “We’re hearing so many bad things. I thought, ‘Let’s hear about something positive.’

“Breast cancer does not stop for COVID-19 so I decided to do a walk locally. I am blessed to have some friends and family members willing to walk along with me either some parts or all of the three days.”

Walks will start between 8 and 8:30 a.m. each day. Friday, the walk will start in Farmington at the Oakes Street trail entrance across from the West Farmington Post Office and end in Livermore Falls. Saturday, the walk will begin in Livermore Falls at the recreation field and end in Farmington. Those walks are about 20 miles each, Rioux said. Sunday, the walk will start in Livermore Falls, go about 10 miles then return to the recreation field to complete the 60-mile walk.

“We hope that people that are out and about on those days near the trail will give us a shout of encouragement along the way,” Rioux said.

Walkers must raise $2,300 to participate in the Susan G. Komen walk and while funds aren’t being sought this year, her ultimate goal is to raise $4,600 for next year, Rioux said. She has raised $1,000 already, she added.


“A breast cancer survivor is joining us Friday and Saturday. Only two people are braving it all three days,” Rioux said.

Tina Rioux of Livermore stands with the wall of wings she has worn in previous walks to end breast cancer. She is wearing the tee shirt that includes the names of those walked for in the pink ribbon. Submitted photo

Kelly’s Angels started in 2011 when Rioux’s friend and boss was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“The company I worked for was based in Seattle so five of us, myself, my husband Norm and three co-workers did the Susan G. Komen Three-Day 60 mile walk to support Kelly and named our team Kelly’s Angels,” Rioux said. “At the time, I said, ‘One and done,’ but I fell in love with the “Pink Bubble,” got hooked. I committed to do at least 10 consecutive walks, did Seattle a couple of years, San Diego.”

Rioux shared Norm’s story of that first walk.

“On the last day his feet were killing him when he came upon a cheering section. A woman in her early 30s was there with her two children,” Rioux said. “She held a sign saying she had had a double mastectomy two weeks ago. Norm said, ‘And I’m complaining about blisters.’

“It’s an event to be part of. It’s nice to do it locally. The Whistle Stop Trail will be much easier than any walk we’ve ever done.”


Kelly’s Angels started creating and wearing angel wings the third year, Rioux said.

“Each set of wings is unique to that year and has pictures of people we were walking for that have been impacted by breast cancer and also pictures of previous year’s walks and finish lines,” she said. “Our shirts have the names of people we are walking for in the ribbon on the front. Each year as we learn about other people affected by breast cancer, we add names to the ribbon.”

A closer look at the wings worn by Kelly’s Angels during walks to end breast cancer. Pictures of those the current walk are for are found on the wings along with pictures from previous walks. Submitted photo

On the back of the shirt is the Susan G. Komen 3-Day mission statement: “We walk because we must. We are strong because the journey demands it. Together in body and united in spirit, we lay down our footsteps for this generation and the next. This is our promise: a world without breast cancer.”

“The walk this weekend is not a sanctioned walk, simply a group of friends walking together to raise awareness and any funds raised will go towards the 2021 Susan G. Komen Three-Day walk I am registered to do in San Diego,” Rioux said.

Anyone wishing to donate to the 2021 walk can use the link http://www.the3day.org/site/TR/2021/SanDiegoEvent2021?px=5896257&pg=personal&fr_id=2083.

For more information on the Farmington to Livermore Falls walks, call Rioux at 207-320-9755.


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