To the Editor:

This fall I will be voting for Scott Cole for County Commissioner because he gets the job done.

Many years ago, Rumford was seriously evaluated for an airport but ruled out due to the proximity of certain mountains. Federal focus then moved to Bethel and I became involved with that town’s effort.  However, six more years of inaction passed.

Then Mr. Cole arrived. He worked tirelessly in his capacity as town and airport manager. Things finally happened as his leadership and collaboration skills transformed the Bethel airport from a strip of pavement sitting in a dusty landscape of ramshackle  buildings to an all-around  modern, safe facility.

Scott skillfully navigated a maze of government regulations, opinionated landowners  and petulant pilots to make  the airport what it is today, a jewel for our region,  Scott Cole is a  smart choice for Oxford County Commissioner and ought to be elected this November.

Richard G. Theriault

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