To the Editor:

I recently saw a Dave Duguay campaign ad and, on his advice, researched political candidates. I learned that Mr. Duguay, if re-elected, will receive lifetime health insurance as a 20-year part-time county politician. Wow!

This policy was in place 16 years ago and approved by Commissioners. So, if Dave Duguay is elected for another 4 years, taxpayers in Oxford County could pay his health insurance for life. How convenient.

I asked candidate Scott Cole where he stood on this issue. He believes this policy is a ridiculous example of self-enrichment and opposes it.

I have also watched both candidates as moderators in Byron. Dave, as town meeting moderator in his hometown, consistently shows favoritism for family, friends and issues. Scott Cole has been unbiased and fair.

Scott Cole, as Oxford County Commissioner, will represent integrity and needed change.

Philip Paquette
U.S. Merchant Marine

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