My 75 years demand that I speak. During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump said if he could get away with something, that makes him smarter than everyone else, and that he likes to create chaos, then sit back and watch what happens. Along with his childish, on-stage antics, this was very telling of a sick and dangerous man.

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham even asked what had happened to his Republican Party, saying it had gone crazy.

After he cozily entertained the Russians in the Oval Office I considered Trump a traitor. He admittedly admires Hitler, Putin and Kim Jong-un — all murderers. He has disrespected the country, our heroes, women, elderly, military, immigrants, medical personnel, scientists, the disabled, etc., causing violence, misery and death. Those around him are willing participants. He’s a “con” man, telling you what he wants you to believe, and is unworthy of his office.

And the world is watching.

Harolyn Zaldumbide, Lewiston

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