To the Editor:

Amidst the uncertainty that we live in these days, Katey Branch is the type of candidate we need to elect to the State Senate this year (District 19). I have observed a lot of qualified political candidates over the years but never one as open, caring and connected to her community as Katey.

I have known Katey for 30 years. Katy’s two daughters were on my gymnastics team and throughout that time, we traveled together to meets across the state. You can really get to know someone on those long car trips. For example, how well they can patiently listen, what they care about in their community and how important family is to them. When you play volleyball together at the local YMCA as Katey and I have, you get to know what kind of team player they are and how well they are willing to work with others. When you run a small business as Katey and I have, you understand what it means to operate in a COVID environment and how resilient you have to be. With these qualities, I know first-hand that Katey is prepared to serve in the Senate.

Katey also cares deeply about issues that are getting lost in the noise of campaigns including the role that education and our natural resources play in Oxford County’s future. But it was her work with schools throughout Maine that helped me understand an issue I knew little about – the devastating impact that prescription drug use was beginning to have on young people. She connected with many of those teens and the stories she told while doing this work made me appreciate her ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds even more.

Finally, I have friends from both political parties who believe Katy is a beacon of hope for the difficult years ahead in the legislature. When confronted with a different viewpoint, I have watched her invite a discussion, listen and bridge the divide. I’m convinced If you got to know Katey, you too would support her regardless of your political affiliation. And she will listen to you!

Donna Landry

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