Seeing yet another letter from a political candidate in my mailbox, I was tempted to throw it away — I’m glad I didn’t. Laurel Libby’s letter was personal and down to earth, free from political jargon and smear tactics. How refreshing.

Ms. Libby recounted life lessons learned through quilting with her grandmother. She learned to do her due diligence and prepare thoroughly, to strive for excellence at every step of the way, and to commit for the long term with patience and perseverance. It’s easy to see she has applied these qualities to her campaign, and already works to improve life for Mainers and to help give them a voice in Augusta.

I will be voting for Laurel Libby to represent District 64, Auburn and Minot, in November. We need hard-working reps like her, willing to seek out, learn from, and act on behalf of constituents.

Rebecka Campbell, Auburn

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