I don’t often (ever?) write letters in support of political candidates. But I am moved to do so by the candidacy of Ned Claxton for state Senate District 20.

He is such a breath of fresh air in this contentious environment — he actually listens to people, rises above partisan bickering, and has the skills to work in collaboration with others to advance policies that benefit all Mainers.

He has been working tirelessly to help people connect with unemployment and forgivable loans during the pandemic; he was part of increasing state funding for schools and revenue sharing, both of which reduced the burden on towns and cities; he introduced or co-sponsored several bills regarding prescription costs, transparency in medical billing, increasing and improving home care for the elderly, and lowering the barrier to qualify for opioid treatment.

He’s got my vote, and others too, I hope.

Bonnie Shulman, Auburn

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