In my opinion, we do not have a government. We have a collection of self-serving politicians only interested in the next election cycle.

I and many others tried for years to get our elected officials to stop their political bickering and pay attention to what was happening here and around the globe. The escalating engineering and health disasters such as climate change, Chernobyl, SARS 1 and COVID-19 or SARS 2, and many others that threaten our existence.

When Sen. Tom Cotton in January tried to get our elected congressional representatives to attend a conference about a deadly virus threatening our people, no one showed up. They all said the impeachment proceedings against President Trump were more important. Now that virus has killed over 200,000 of our fellow citizens, and the deaths continue to escalate. They have failed us, unwilling to accept the reality of what we face. Their only concern is the discredit of their opponent and reelection.

This is where we are today. In a society brainwashed by government and manufacturing, making decisions not based in science or good engineering practices but by political correctness and expediency for the sake of profit. This has brought us to the brink of economic collapse and extinction as a species on this earth.

Our leaders refuse to accept the science that is telling us that if we do not change our behavior we are doomed. Each of us has a moral responsibility before it is too late.

Lawrence Everett, West Paris

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