Charlie. Submitted photo

The Franklin County Animal Shelter at 550 Industry Road in Farmington is still open by appointment only from Noon to 4 p.m., Monday to Saturday. The shelter plans to remain closed to walk-ins for the foreseeable future. Their website for up-to-date information is or call 778-2638. At this time, they are able to accept animal surrenders on an emergency and space available basis. If the need to surrender an animal is not urgent, we can help provide you with pet food and supplies from our Pet Food Pantry. Please call us for an appointment at (207) 778-2638 or email us at [email protected].

Charlie, 3 Years Old, Pitbull Terrier Mix, Male:  Hi!!!  My name is Charlie. I am a big goofball who loves to go for walks and play with my tennis ball. I have a breathing condition (brachycephalic syndrome which is common in pugs) that requires restricted exercise and play time, and I need to stay away from excessive heat. I am a very loving boy, but can be a little mouthy, so I’d do best in a home with older children, and unfortunately, I am not good with cats.

Tia Submitted photo

Tia is a senior, female cat and she has this to say. “Hello, my name is Tia. I have what you would call an odd assortment of personalities. I can be insanely sweet and from time to time I have even been known to enjoy cuddling. But, I really only like affection on my own terms, so be forewarned that I am looking for a home that will just let me be me, and not expect me to be anything but me.

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