If you are earning $12 per hour rather than $7.50, thank Gina Melaragno for her leadership in raising Maine’s minimum wage.

Gina is a working person’s best friend. Her leadership was recognized by the Maine AFL-CIO for this work. She worked to bring her bill to a referendum, where Maine people voted to make it Maine’s law.

Gina first ran for the Maine Legislature because she strongly believes that any working person should be able to earn a living, and have good health care.

When Gina does her work in the Legislature, she is thinking of the people in Auburn who work hard. She has been working for us at the Legislature, representing District 62, Auburn, and voting on 100% of the roll call votes in each of the six previous regular legislative sessions.

Citizen legislators, like Gina, deserve our full support. I am voting for Gina Melaragno.

Fred Brodeur, Auburn

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