LIVERMORE — Monday night, Oct. 26, selectpersons unanimously approved Saturday to Friday as the pay period for employees and moving board meetings to Tuesdays, with both starting in 2021.

Currently, the pay period is Monday to Sunday, Administrative Assistant to the Board of Selectpersons Aaron Miller said.

“If we move the selectpersons meetings to Tuesday, it gives the highway department time to get their pay stubs in,” he said. “We wouldn’t have to move meetings on (Monday) holidays.”

Changing the pay period to Sunday to Saturday wouldn’t mess up transfer station employees, Selectperson Scott Richmond suggested at first.

The transfer station is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Currently, transfer station employees’ pay information is brought to the town office on Thursday or Friday, Town Clerk Renda Guild said.

Miller asked if the information could be dropped off after the transfer station closes on Saturday.

Some employees could lose one day of pay for two weeks while the changeover occurs, Selectperson Chairman Mark Chretien said.

“I spoke with Juanita (Bryant, director of the transfer station),” Miller said. “She’s okay so long as they know.”

The board approved Saturday to Friday as the new pay period, which will begin after the first of the year.

In other business Miller, who is also the town’s tax collector, said he would typically be giving a monthly report on taxes received.

“For the 2020 tax year, we pulled in $2.7 million in real estate taxes, which includes principal, interests and costs,” he said. “For 2019, we received $2.6 million. It’s going to be interesting to see where we’re at.”

Excise taxes received to date this year are $193,000, he said. In the same period for 2019, $170,000 was collected, he added.

The board also approved $2,636 in tax abatements for six properties determined to have been overtaxed during revaluation.

Job descriptions for administrative assistant to the board of selectmen, tax collector, treasurer, deputy treasurer, town clerk and deputy town clerk were reviewed with several changes made.

“We can’t evaluate elected officials,” Selectperson Tracey Martin said beforehand.

You can evaluate them, but they don’t have to accept it, Miller said.

“You evaluate them by the pay scale,” Chretien said.

All employees need to be evaluated, you can’t institute it for one department and ignore it for the rest, Martin said.

Looking at these job descriptions would get the ball rolling and the others can be done later, Miller said.

Department heads should evaluate their staff, Selectperson Brett Deyling said.

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