JAY — Regional School Unit 73 Food Service Director Laura Lorette told board members Thursday, Oct. 22, that many families still need to complete their applications for free or reduced meals.

“It’s rather challenging right now,” Lorette said. “Families are aware they’re not being charged currently for breakfast and lunch.

“Families still need to fill out the paperwork. It’s confusing.”

Lorette said she needs to make sure two different programs are running at the same time.

In a phone call Monday, Lorette said the district would normally be under the National Lunch Program. The district used the Summer Feeding Program to feed students during the spring and summer after schools closed because of COVID-19, she said.

“When we got to the school year, we thought we would be going back to the National Lunch Program,” Lorette said. “At the 11th hour, we were told we could continue with the Summer Feeding Program. Each program has some differences.”

Robocalls will be made to parents to remind them.

Because of the school closure in mid-March, monies were left in the Fresh Fruits and Veggies program, Lorette said. She was able to purchase a variety of equipment for the elementary, primary and middle schools. The high school isn’t eligible for the program, she added.

“It’s a really good way to utilize those funds,” she said.

Students learning remotely can have meals provided, Lorette said.

“We have a process in place for three of the four buildings,” she said. The middle school isn’t a pick-up location because of the stairs and the drop-off situation, she added.

Information on how to get meals to remote learners is available on the menus and the district’s website, www.rsu73.org.

This year, the district will again be participating in the Fresh Fruits and Veggies program, which runs from October to June. The district received $52,621 to be used at the primary, elementary and middle schools.

In other business it was announced:

•The loan for Phase II of the Siemens Building Project was approved. Most of the work will be completed next summer.

•The three new buses are ready, with delivery expected Oct. 30.

•Profiles of the Spruce Mountain Adult and Community Education Class of 2020 graduates are available on the program’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/rsu73sprucemtnadulted.

•Jobs for Maine’s Graduates students are helping to improve a storage building at the high school. They hope to paint it before snow flies.


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