Mike Lowell

Dear Letters Editor,

Enjoyed the Highlander photo and wordsmith, expressing well-deserved congratulations, to Mike Lowell, for exemplary years of bus driving assignments in the Rangeley School System. Mike is mentor material!

Judy and I owned a camp—that developed into a home— on the Edelheid Road in Sandy River Plantation, for more than fifty years. When I retired from the bench, after fifteen years, I served six years in the Maine Senate; commuting to Augusta during Legislative Sessions. Two of my three terms were cliff hangers—given out of state opposition money. I won both races by about the voter population of the Rangeley area. My Senate District was one and a quarter times the size of Rhode Island. When Judy and I moved to Manchester, adjacent to Augusta, it was only a physical event.

In the fifteen-year period, Judy and I were full-time residents, Mike and I hammered nails into a two-vehicle garage on our lot; in two weeks, two days. Mike’s initial is “w” for work. I’ll never forget the day a steel I-beam was crane-lifted into framed wall pockets. It’s glued to my intuition. We constructed the two-story boathouse— on the shore back of the Episcopal Church— in Rangeley village, followed by a sun room on our home. Alongside Mike, I bolstered inner means of support—he treats every effort as a moral thing.

Mike and Rachel added much to what Judy and I received in times shared. We saw no difference between care and love. They gave us both, Still do.

John Benoit

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