100 Years Ago: 1920

A delightful informal dancing party was given Wednesday evening at  the New Odd Fellows’ Hall by students of Bliss Business College. The hall was attractive with decorations in keeping with the Halloween season. Barrett’s six piece orchestra furnished the music  and Coumont catered, There were over 200 couples present and dancing was enjoyed. The committees of arrangements included Ralph  Peterson, Rosario Roux and the Misses Agnes Paul and Mary K. Shaw. This is the first affair given this season by |the college but plans are being made for a more elaborate affair in the new year.

50 Years Ago: 1970

Veteran Lewiston legislator Louis Jalbert, who is running unopposed, as are his other Democratic colleagues in Lewiston, responded to Question One in this manner: “On housing, the State should encourage a closer programming as between landlord and tenant, by setting up a strictly nonpartisan force to establish all problems that must be looked into, then assistance should be sought from programs on the Federal level. “On Welfare, the passage of the proposals now before Congress is a must. Strict supervision of all welfare recipients on all levels in a fair manner. A look at the flag program as it exists in Lewiston could be in order.”

25 Years Ago: 1995

Edmund S. Muskie will be in Lewiston tomorrow morning for the traditional — pre-election Democratic coffee. The election eve gatherings were started years ago, even prior to Muskie’s election as governor of Maine, and they’ve always been held in Lewiston. Also attending will be Governor Kenneth M. Curtis and Second District Congressman William Hathaway.

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