I read in the Oct. 29 Sun Journal about the new planned revamped Route 4 in East Auburn by the causeway. The engineers said in the article that while the speed limit is posted at 40 mph on that section of road, the actual speeds are closer to 60 mph. It’s like when the drivers go through East Auburn it’s off to the races, going south in the morning and north in the evening.

We live by Gammon’s Garden Center, and some of the cars and trucks are running 70 to 80 mph. Where are Auburn’s finest?

We need to slow this traffic down; it seems like once a month or so they put about four cruisers out for a half a day. We need one sitting on the side of the road every day like they do in Farmington; you very seldom see someone going over 40 mph up there.

Hopefully we get the traffic slowed down.

Gil Steward, Auburn

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