Self-care ensures that we can have a meaningful and purposeful life.

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” This phrase could not be more accurate than when applying it to the art of self-care, a term that has perhaps become over-worked and maybe in danger of becoming less meaningful and impactful. No matter what our life role is, when we take time for ourselves, we aren’t saying something or someone else is less important or unimportant. We are recognizing our self-worth, boosting our confidence, and assuring higher self-esteem. In turn, self-care ensures, we are better able to take care of others.

This morning as I moved around my kitchen, peering out the window at the birds while my lemon water heated and coffee brewed, I reflected on how important routine is. As my concussion is still healing, I do not include my usual “kitchen dancing” while everything heats and perks. My self-care routine has undergone some modifications and that’s okay.

Routines anchors, they’re place holders, a home for our soul when we need a reprieve. When I hold my warm mug of lemon water, sometimes even hugging it to my cheek, this simple act reminds me that yes, I’m taking care of myself. What I am doing is important. Later, when I drink my coffee, whether reflectively or slurping it with gusto and focused purpose, I’m saying, okay, we’ve got this. Let’s roll!

A “morning” routine may happen early in the day, mid-afternoon, or evening; it doesn’t matter the time of day or how long it lasts; what matters is that it happens. This slice of our day should be as savory and delicious as a piece of toast slathered with a favorite topping. Or cinnamon sprinkled on a warm serving of smashed pumpkin. Or yes, hugging that soulful mug of coffee in solidarity of compassion and understanding that we each matter. Our being here is important.

These routines, whether complex or straightforward, create rhythm in our lives and establish thematic hooks that enable us to negotiate our lives with a sense of purpose and passion.

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