Not exactly. According to law the states have until December 8 to settle election disputes. The electoral college casts its votes on December 12. Only then will the presidential winner become official.
More, Georgia’s state election officials determined on Saturday that neither candidate in either of the two U.S. senatorial contest surpassed the 50% of the vote. State law requires a runoff election on January 5. A GOP victory in one of the two will give Vice President Harris a tie-breaking vote. A GOP victory in both leaves Mich McConnell leading a Republican Senate which will not be friendly to a Biden administration.
I’m on the mailing list of a number of far-far-Left organizations. All have sent donation appeals aimed at securing a Democratic senatorial majority on January 5. Mitch McConnell promises to become an immovable obstacle, or at least impediment, to nominations proposed by President Biden. Not to mention the Democratic Party’s legislative programs.

I understand that President Trump and his dedicated supporters tend to get annoyed when they hear “President Joseph Robinette Trump, Jr.” Drop the “junior” and it doesn’t help if you keep “presided.” Trump claims that he won with the majority of the honest votes and the Trumpophiles agree. He can’t lose. He’s a winner. He has told us this repeatedly.

And there have been plenty of suspiciously “irregular” incidents and reports. These kinds of reports are not novel in American politics. Some of them are always true. Some may be accidental. Some will be deliberate the fruit of deliberate schemes, the desire for power is potent enough to ensure this.

Nevertheless, I’ll accept “President Biden” provisionally.

In the meantime our alleged newly elected president continues to display all the usual qualities of a generic politician. Not of a generic Democratic politician, but simply of any normal politician. When has he ever said something unexpected or novel? (I’m not talking about his occasional stumbling into senile gibberish). So he babbles the inevitable drivel about “healing our divisions.” Damn your opponent and his base as corrupt, fascistic, racists, win an election, announce the advent of unity and healing. Anything new or unusual about that?

One obvious problem with healing is the unwillingness of the far-far-Left to accept anything less than the submission of those they call “corporate Democrats.” Some far-fars have already announced their determination to force their policies and principles on a Biden Administration. Let’s wait and see how that turns out.

A case in point. Jacobin is a leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture.

Check it out:

Here’s their view: “The Trump Era Is Over: Our Leaders Want to Take Us Back to 2015. Joe Biden and the Democratic leadership are in thrall to a dangerous illusion that they can take the country back to the political world of 2015 as if nothing happened. They’re about to learn that they’ve won a Pyrrhic victory.” That sounds exciting.

So much for possible disappointments to come. As things stand just now, the Democratic Party’s hopes for a compressive triumph have fizzled out. They failed to make any headway in their efforts to take state legislatures away from the GOP while losing both houses in New Hampshire. They are not favored to win that Senate majority on Jan. 5. They lost seats in the House.

However they have they satisfaction of breaking those glass ceilings for women, for Afro-Americans and for East Indians.

John Frary of Farmington, the GOP candidate for U.S. Congress in 2008, is a retired history professor, an emeritus Board Member of Maine Taxpayers United, a Maine Citizen’s Coalition Board member, and publisher of He can be reached at [email protected]

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