“There is Magic Here” by Nina Doerr, the featured artist for November and December in the Gritty’s Art and Ale window in Auburn. Submitted photo

AUBURN — Wicked Illustrations Studio and Gallery is featuring fine artist Nina Doerr for November and December in the Gritty’s Art and Ale window.

Doerr is a self-taught artist, mother to a free-spirited toddler and wife to her twin-flame. Art is something that has always been deeply woven throughout her life. Doerr can remember when she was younger, standing in front of one of Monet’s Rouen Cathedral paintings telling her mom the story and inspiration behind the piece. She turned around after finishing to find a older man standing next to them. He turned to her mom and said, “She got every detail right, you know.”

Doerr had always wanted to be an artist, but it wasn’t until she saw the profound look on that man’s face that she realized it was what she needed to do. She truly believes that all have a deep and burning passion for something in life and she strives to follow that passion where it leads her.

Doerr says, “When standing in nature, overlooking the landscape before me, a sense of wholeness and love washes over me. All the stress and busyness of everyday washes away. While painting, I focus on capturing this energy and emotion of the land, so others can slow down and reconnect with nature. We all need space to reconnect — with ourselves and with nature. My hope is that my work can give you this space to reconnect and bring you a moment of serenity.”

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