A dear friend reminded me this week of one of my most favorite words, Meraki. “The soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of your work.” As it is for many of us, the last few months have been fraught with challenges, each one more challenging than the previous, causing creativity to be elusive. Even if I sensed being creative, I wouldn’t allow it. I tend to be obstinate when I’m wounded. Yet, here was my friend reminding me to stick to the essence of my work.
I think our friends bring messages from angels, nudging us to be our best. To be our best is all that our lives require. When another friend then said, “Lil, your food is how you share love,” I heard her words as another angel message.
This morning, I let my mind quiet as I tried to feel the essence of Meraki. It’s a feeling more than a word. So when anyone shares food, how are love, soul, and creativity expressed and translated? Is it immediate or something that settles into you little by little?
I recalled my mother’s angel food cakes. They always made me feel extra special. Remembering them evokes a deep sense of happy emotions. I’m sure my eyes gleamed and sparkled as I anticipated that first bite. Her cakes were as time described – so light that angels could eat them and remain light. The translation of love was seamless and invisible and fed my soul.
Through research, I discovered that far more people have ill to say about angel food cake than I expected. Perhaps they have only had “commercial” versions, which tend to be dry and tasteless. Homemade is so unique that it’s tall, light, airiness can accommodate nearly any fruit and whipped cream or icing and still maintain its integrity. Rather than think of angels eating it, I think of them having a place to rest that is soft, sweet, and cloud-like—a reward for their hard work.
Is there food which, for you, expresses the essence of Meraki and evokes a deep sense of emotion?
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