DEAR SUN SPOTS: Can you provide information on where to send inquiries about a business not enforcing social distancing and wearing masks? Where does one ask questions and file complaints? I’m not only concerned about my own well-being, but everyone else’s. Thank you for the great job you do. — No name, no town

ANSWER: I have heard time and time again about people’s concerns regarding how businesses are being run during the pandemic. Of course, you want to feel safe and we all want this pandemic to be over so we can get on with our “new normal.”

It would be best to communicate with the owner or the manager of the business directly, but if you just can’t, go to this link: . Only fill this form out if you have a complaint about restaurants, hotels/lodging, campgrounds, youth camps, body artists and public pools/spas.

If you have a complaint about any other type of business, file it with .

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My husband passed in June and I have lots of clothes to donate. I called many organizations in July, but no one was accepting donations because of the virus. I’m now trying to clear out my house to sell and move and am desperate to give these clothes away. I would like to donate to a veterans’ organization or a homeless shelter.

They will have to be picked up since there is more than my car will hold and they are heavy. I have seven large suitcases, several boxes, and large bags. My husband loved clothes!

I’m hoping someone will reach out to me. My phone number is 998-3039. — Margaret, no town

ANSWER: I do believe that several organizations are accepting clothing now. One is Androscoggin Hospice Thrift Shop (312-5092) at 245 Center St., Suite 2 in Auburn. Profits go toward assisting those in need of end-of-life care.

Another choice is Homestead Thrift Store, is a ministry of Sabattus Community Baptist Church serving the community. All profits go to support the church. Located at 17 Main St., it is open Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The number there is 375-4337.

Hope House at 91 College St. in Lewiston is in need of winter outerwear. The number is 577-1165.

Unity Bible Church at 541 College St. in Lewiston may also be accepting donations of clothing. The number there is 784-1693. Court Street Baptist Church at 129 Court St. (784-6661) is another option.

Please be sure to call these organizations first as COVID-19 has and can rapidly change the status when it comes to accepting or being able to distribute items.

You may want to call United Way at 211 and ask them as well, and it may be challenging to find someone who will pick up all these items or transport to their new temporary home. One thing I can do is ask Sun Spots readers if there is anyone out there willing to transport all this booty to an organization in need. You would be helping this lady with her moving experience and also helping the organization receiving these items.

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