DEAR SUN SPOTS: About a month ago I reached out to you and the local community in search of balsam fir greens to create the Christmas wreaths for the annual “Christmas by the Lake” Christmas Fair hosted by St. Philips Parish on outer Turner Street in Auburn. The fair has been an annual tradition for many.

Your readership has responded well to our need for greens! We’re happy to report we are in production with some of the finest greens we’ve seen in the 40-year history of the fair and we thank you for getting the word out to the community.

While other booths at the fair have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 environment, the Christmas Wreath Booth continues to prepare for the festive season as it is an activity where COVID protocols can be followed, both in the making and the distribution processes.

We won’t benefit from the usual funds raised at the fair, but we’re doing all we can to address the many needs of the parish during these challenging times. We’d like to inform your readers that the wreaths will be available Saturday, Nov. 21, “the usual Christmas by the Lake” fair date which falls on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Curbside pickup will be instituted as a convenience for our customers, but also as a way to meet COVID-19 protocols. — Richard, Auburn

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Please remind folks to write and date the back of photographs, or the next generation won’t know who the people are in the pictures. I speak from experience as I just went through a lot of old photos where the people couldn’t be identified and therefore, I threw them out. — Roberta, East Wilton

ANSWER: I have been in that situation myself and it’s so sad. We all say we are going to organize and label our photographs, but we never seem to get around to it. Perhaps this winter while we’re all self-quarantined and social distancing would be a good time for this project. You may also want to go a step further by digitizing your photos and/or creating gifts for your loved ones that include your favorites. Thank you for the reminder, Roberta!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I really miss that ice cream place on outer Sabattus Steet a lot. There used to be two swings and a children’s jungle gym swing set that were real neat. It used to be called The Whole Scoop then it was called Grumpy’s. Does anyone know what the name of the place was before it was The Whole Scoop? Thank you for being so helpful. — No name, no town

ANSWER: OK, readers, help me out. What’s the story?

DEAR SUN SPOTS: What happened to the statue that was in Simard-Payne Memorial Park honoring fallen police officers and firemen? I remember seeing it at the beginning of summer, but hadn’t been back to the park until recently and now it’s missing. I sure enjoy reading your column daily and learn new things all the time! Thanks for your help. — No name, Auburn

ANSWER: I believe the statue was beginning to be vandalized and was taken out of the park and tucked away for safe-keeping. Hopefully, it will be put back in place soon.

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