Bipartisanship got the United States into trouble with the 1990’s trade agreements, which took jobs from Americans and sent them to China and elsewhere.

This was seen as profitable, a good deed, a tide “raising all boats.” But the Chinese can now afford to make and buy their own products. Maybe some bipartisanship now?

I encourage legislation for the U.S. to do likewise. Jobs and products for our own people, aiding against global warming with far less shipping, carbon emissions, and consumption of oil.

There are enough people with money in China to buy their own goods now. So, in faithful stewardship, I ask for legislation to help us make our own goods to buy here; regulate to bring tech, medical, and other industrial production to the U.S.A.

We need jobs with benefits, not handouts. Jobs to communities. Infrastructure across the U.S. needs rebuilding and maintenance. Instead of a welfare state, jobs to support families.

Families want to support themselves through their own efforts.

Good wages with health benefits are needed everywhere in the U.S.

Susan Dorman, Bethel

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