To the Editor:

No one should go without enough food. But it seems that this is not the case, even in the United States. With the current situation of Covid 19, the economy, and unemployment or underemployment, food insecurity is in the news.

The greater Bethel community has not been spared. Therefore it is time to remind people of the availability of the 3-day Emergency Food Boxes. This has been a service project of the West Parish Congregational Church for several years. The World Service committee has just filled its 200th box for distribution.

The food boxes are meant to supply three meals a day for four people for three days, available to any size household. The contents are not gourmet, as they must be non-perishable. The committee has attempted to make them nutritional and appetizing.

These food boxes are available on request to households, or at the request of caretakers (teachers, social workers, community service workers or healthcare professionals). There is no income eligibilty or other criteria.

This program is meant to be a supplement to other food programs, like food stamps, the food bank, and others that are available on a regular basis.

But if anyone is in a spot where it is heat or food, or can’t et to the food bank, and there is no food left, or you might know someone who needs food, call the Congregational Church at 824-2688. Someone will return the call and deliver the food boxes.

Jan Whitworth,

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