Assuming the electoral college votes Biden in, globalization means some invisible cartel will control our decisions.

Biden is rejoining the Paris accord; its biggest problem is that the United States will be paying a disproportionate amount. The Chinese, Europeans and others are glad we suckers are back to pay more than we should for programs and their products.

We will continue to be slowed down in our space programs. Reopening our borders — when we don’t have enough jobs for ourselves, and we should be retraining our unemployed to do what jobs are available — will be a disaster.

The southern hemisphere is starving to death, and we should be using resources for them to cope, such as digging wells, instead of spending money on the hoards that are trying to get in, and get on welfare. All of those who voted for Biden because of the freebies, let’s see how they feel in a year or so.

Nothing is free.

Patricia Bernard, Lewiston

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