Equestrian Allyssia Timberlake rides her mare Lacey.

FARMINGTON — Equestrian Allyssia (Bryant) Timberlake set goals for five years to 25 years when she was a teenager in Livermore Falls. She has achieved several of them and is working on others.

She is 25 and is married to Owen Timberlake. The couple have an 18-month-old son, Roland.

Timberlake owns a small equine facility that is home to eight horses, 12 chickens, two dogs and three cats.

“I run a lesson, horse training and boarding business out of my facility,” she said.

Riding horses is her passion.

When she was 17, she was riding her 8-year-old paint named Tee, around an indoor training facility in Greene facility. She told the Sun Journal then she was intent on being an assistant trainer for a big dressage farm or have a horse farm of her own and teaching and training others in five years.

She also shared long-term goals then that still hold true today.

When did you become interested in riding horses and training them? I was 8 years old when I started riding. I was 13 years old when I took on a “project” horse and started learning about training horses. Fun fact: that “project” horse, Tee, is still with me today (12 years later!) and is now my No. 1 lesson horse.

What do you like about taking care of horses? I love the relationships that I have with each of the horses I have in my barn and the ones that I train as well. Each horse’s personality and how they communicate is a little different, so getting to know each horse, what they like and what they need from me as an owner and trainer can be challenging at times, but very rewarding.

Roland Timberlake, 18 months, of Farmington sometimes hangs out in his backpack with his mother, Allyssia Timberlake, to help her “teach” horseback riding lessons. Courtesy photo

Have you achieved some of the goals you set for yourself when you were a teenager? I have! When you came to interview me for the 2012 article, I was preparing to go to Florida for the first time (and the only time, I thought!) I ended up being accepted into Dressage4Kid’s Winter Intensive Training Program in Wellington, Florida a total of three times.

In 2012, I mentioned to you that in five years I wanted to own my own facility and be training/teaching others and I am doing it! I mentioned my 25-year goal was to compete at Grand Prix (the highest level of dressage) and though we are still at the beginning of our relationship, I do have a talented horse in my barn that I hope to compete at that level some day.

Do you give horseback riding lessons? I do! I teach riders of all ages and riding abilities.

What is your favorite part of teaching someone to ride?  Beginner riders are my absolute favorite to teach. There is something magical about a child learning to trust and control a horse that is 12 times their size.

Is there any part of being an equestrian that you favor most?  My favorite part about being an equestrian is helping other people (especially kids) discover and learn about horsemanship and riding. There is a time when every new, little rider gets to experience their first trot (the next gait up from walking), which can sometimes be a little bouncy and nine times out of 10 a big giggle will escape their mouths. That little giggle is what makes all the cold mornings, long days and hours of training worth it for me. I also enjoy the relationships that I get to build with the horses and their owners who are in training with me.

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