DEAR SUN SPOTS: I enjoy reading your column and the information you provide. I wanted to thank the Sun Journal for spreading the word about the locations of for Christmas light displays. I used to be one of those people who decorated all over and I took pride in the fact that it was beautiful and that I was sharing that feeling with others who saw my lights. I am no longer able to decorate like I used to, but I do enjoy seeing the lights and decorations and feeling the joy that other people are spreading. Thank you for all your column does. — No name, Auburn

ANSWER: I feel so blessed to be able to provide Sun Spots readers with information, joy and comfort especially during these past months. Reading your letters and answering them keeps me going through the best of days, the worst of days, and everything in between. I care about you all and connecting with you in whatever way is helpful. It is very meaningful to me.

You mention that you “no longer decorate like you used to,” but I’m here to tell you that there are many ways you can “decorate” your own corner of the world even if you aren’t able to put out holiday lights. You can shine your light out into the world by being kind, compassionate and generous. Include yourself when exhibiting those qualities by taking good care of you, too!

Take the time to notice the little things and focus on whatever brings you a bit of joy. Bake and eat those favorite cookies, wear your favorite colors, get a good dose of fresh air every day, and allow yourself to rest. Buy yourself some flowers once in a while!

Even though we are wearing face masks right now that cover up our smiles, remember to smile anyway so that those we come in contact with can see the light in our eyes.

It has been a long, challenging year. I hope everyone can somehow celebrate the fact that we’ve made it through so far. As we turn the page to 2021, may we all keep our spirits up and reach out to others.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I was at Rooper’s on Sabattus Street the other day and was pleased to see the sign on their front door that says, “No masks. No service.” Knowing that they care about their customers is a big thing. I feel safer somehow knowing I’m protected from COVID-19 when I’m there. Their customers won’t take the virus home to their loved ones. Thank you, Rooper’s!

Remember, the life you save might be your own.” – Muriel, no town

ANSWER: I’d like to give a shout-out to all businesses that are helping people like Muriel feel safe because they are enforcing the mask requirements to the best of their ability.

We all know the drill by now: wear your face mask, wash your hands, stay home as much as you can, and be kind to others. Do what you need to do to feel safe and do your best not to judge others. Although we’re coping in different ways, we’re in this together.

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