DEAR SUN SPOTS:  There have been two items recently in the Sun Journal encouraging readers to support the critical role that the Good Shepherd Food Bank plays in combating food insecurity throughout Maine. However, neither item included information on how to donate directly to the Food Bank. Donations can be made online at or by check to the Good Shepherd Food Bank, P.O. Box 1807, Auburn, ME 04211.  The need is great. Please consider supporting this important local resource during these particularly difficult days. — Elaine, Lewiston

ANSWER: Thank you for providing this important information and thank you for your good work.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Could you find out if there is a filling station that pumps gas for the elderly and handicapped.  It would be great if there were some in the Lewiston-Auburn area. For all you do, we thank you. — Claire, Lewiston

ANSWER: If you are disabled, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that gas station personnel help you fill your vehicle’s tank at no extra charge. Also, most places will assist if you just ask. You may have to wait a few moments, but most gas station attendants can be very helpful, especially if treated respectfully and with kindness.

In my Rolodex, I have both Berube’s Gas Station at 147 East Ave. in Lewiston and Poisson’s Citgo at 260 South Main St. in Auburn as gas stations where attendants will pump your gas. Readers, do you have other current recommendations? If so, you know what to do!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I was caring for my toddler-age grandson and he opened a drawer and found a permanent marker when I was tending to dinner. As you might guess, he scribbled on several items, including an end table with a glass insert and the wall above the couch, as well as the couch. I don’t have access to a computer to look things up so I’m hoping you know how to help me. It’s my own fault for leaving him on his own for just a few minutes. — Cathy, no town

ANSWER: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Things like this can happen to the best of us.

Here is a guide I have in my Rolodex: for walls, try white toothpaste, aerosol hairspray, or a Mr. Clean Dry Eraser. For anything made out of wood with a finish, try milk or peanut butter. If that doesn’t do the job, try WD-40 or rubbing alcohol, but first experiment with a spot that won’t show because this may not only remove the stain, but also remove the varnish.

For glass, try one part white toothpaste to one part baking soda. For carpet, try white vinegar or rubbing alcohol then blot with a clean, damp towel. Depending on the couch’s fabric, try hand sanitizer, white vinegar, or aerosol hairspray. Permanent marker on a leather couch can also be removed with sunscreen! Again, experiment with a spot that won’t show first!

In all cases with carpet or fabric, dab the stain, do not rub it.

I’m guessing the little guy or gal drew on himself as well. Just a hunch! If so, shaving cream, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, and sunscreen all work to remove unwanted “tattoos.” Good luck with your next babysitting gig.

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