WEST PARIS – At the end of December, Coops Place had its licenses pulled for seven days after an employee came into close contact with a patron without wearing a mask.

A restaurant employee said a customer was checked out by another employee who was not wearing a mask and that was the reason the licenses were temporarily revoked. The customer was masked while in contact with the employee.

Coops reopened right before New Year’s and has passed multiple surprise state inspections since.

The restaurant also made a post on Facebook about another prior incident in December, the post said “On Friday December 11th, a customer came into Coops for a birthday party. We did not know at the time that this customer was awaiting COVID results – we were not told, and we’re not psychic nor willing to question each and every customer on their personal lives (because they’re personal, and should stay that way). The birthday party was within the size limits of gathering, our employees wore masks, and exhibited social distancing protocols outside of food delivery.
We did not learn about this situation until December 17th. In that period of six days, we had already deep cleaned our restaurant (thank you, customer-less snow day) and none of our employees had exhibited any symptoms of any illness. According to CDC guidelines on their website, we’ve already done what is needed.”


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